GBBO 2021

Jürgen was born and bred in a village near Freiburg in the Black Forest, Germany.

Growing up he enjoyed playing with the many tools that were around him thanks to his grandfather, who was a miner and his father, who was a master locksmith.
At 12 years old he managed to make a noise on his father’s trombone and he has been playing ever since, in the town band, in specialist ensembles for renaissance music and more recently in a community big band.

His love of baking started as soon as he could stand, helping his mother when she made Linzer Torte or the many varieties of German biscuits for Christmas.

His love of science also started early. He began to read a children’s encyclopaedia he had been given for Christmas, dipping in and out at random when he had the time. Later he was given a chemistry set and Physics also came to him naturally at school.

After Abitur and military service, he studied Physics in Freiburg.

He then found himself splitting his time between his music gigs and kitchen fitting, before settling into IT and computer programming.

His musical development brought him in contact with The Feldenkrais Method, which he studied and graduated as a practitioner in 2002.

The Feldenkrais Method then brought him to a course in Lewes, where he met his wife. They settled in Brighton soon after, where they live with their son.

Jürgen works as a database administrator and analyst programmer.

Apart from baking and music Jürgen enjoys outdoor activities (hiking, running, swimming), engineering and architecture.

Jürgen started making bread in 2010, when he was longing for German style bread whilst living in the UK. It soon became his strongest baking skill.

Making bread has taught him to work systematically and with precision, and he used this successfully on the Great British Bake Off. He also applied his sense for flavour combinations, architecture and engineering to create his memorable bakes.

For more information on Jürgen and his availability call the office or email katherine@katherinestonehouse.co.uk